Marking and Coding

Laser engraving by creating depth into the material surface, removing the substrate and leaving a depression in the surface. Laser engraving can be utilized to ‘mark’ materials as it can create deeper marks in the surface, typically more resistant to wear, this engraving is ideal for coding or serialization.

Marking and coding with a CO2 laser system offers several advantages over traditional methods:

  • Permanent – will never smear or rub off of material
  • High-speed capacity – ideal for high volume processing and production lines
  • Crisp cuts – clear and highly-consistent image / text
  • Adaptable – wide range of available fonts and sizes to suit the job needs
  • Varied application – wide range of suitable substrates for works effective engraving

Consistency is key. With laser engraving, our technicians are able to ensure consistent design through small or large quantities of product. Material and design testing, customer approval before production, and stringent quality control of the end result are standards in our process.